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Gorgeous Nursery Gallery Walls

A gallery art wall in a nursery is a perfect way to add some personality and color to the room. A quick search on the web will show soooo many beautiful walls – it’s easy to be overwhelmed! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for you to steal for your own nursery.

To create a gallery wall that looks calm and cohesive use the same frame for all the pictures. The photo below uses the same white frames neatly placed either portrait or landscape. The beautiful artwork selected adds to the “woodland” nursery theme that Michelle created for her daughter.

Credit: theonewiththecupcakes

Gallery walls don’t have to be created by hanging pictures individually on the wall. The artwork on this gallery wall is displayed on floating shelves. A great idea as it allows you to change the pictures around to suit your mood!

Credit: Elsee Blog

This corner gallery wall is delightfully energetic and shows that your wall will look great even if all the elements are completely different. In Quincy’s room, the frames are mis-matched, the photos have no particular color scheme, 3D items (love the rhino!) are thrown in – and it is adorable!

Credit: honestlywtf.com

Here is another cheerful, bright nursery gallery art wall. This one is in in Coco Rocha’s little girl’s nursery and is nestled between two great shelving units and a very practical daybed. Designed by Alex Reid, the nursery is far removed from a traditional nursery room, and we love it!

Credit: onekingslane.com

When someone so creative gets involved in a gallery wall, you know it’s going to be special. Summer created this charmingly rustic-looking gallery wall in her daughter’s nursery. The wooden signs, empty frames and bunting make it so unique…

Credit: elevate-everyday.com

If putting lots of holes in the wall isn’t for you, then this solution by Rachael is very clever! She has used a pegboard as a backdrop to the art. Even smarter – it has been used as storage over the change table.

Credit: thisisourbliss.com

What could be more personal than using beautiful family photos to create a gallery wall. This wall would evoke such lovely memories each time you walk into the nursery. The addition of the letter makes it interesting and the colors are so restful.

Credit: thelittlepartsthathavemyheart

This gallery wall has a lovely touch of nostalgia and tradition. The tiny framed gold shoes, the elaborate frames and the muted colors all have a hint of yesteryear. Beautiful!

Credit: styleyoursenses.com

The use of rope on this clever gallery wall would suit a nautical-themed nursery. It creates a nice element of ruggedness – perfect for a little boys nursery. Have a look here for instructions on how to create one just like it.

Credit: honeyandfitz.com

Sugar and spice and all things nice! This corner gallery wall would create a lovely backdrop for a reading/feeding corner. The meaningful typographical and hand-written quotations personalize the wall. Don’t be surprised at the unique artwork a 1-year-old can create – very special given pride of place on the wall. Take a look here for instructions on how to create nursery wall art like this.

Credit: kristinaclemens

All this glorious color would make anyone happy! This cheerful gallery wall is interesting as the frames overlap each other to create a whimsical 3D effect.

Credit: ohjoy

Whether you’re decorating on a budget or splashing out on a brand new nursery, a gallery wall of special art is an easy way to personalise your nursery and take the blah away!

Take a look at our Pinterest boards to get more inspiration for your nursery wall art and decorating. We’re constantly adding images from around the web.

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